traditional density measurement

Retrieving Snow Density with the Lyte Probe

Measuring snow density can be challenging. Traditional methods require digging a pit and taking incremental measurements with a density cutter, which is time-consuming. Alternatively, using a federal sampler can speed up the process, but it often results in errors under certain conditions and provides only a single density value. For a faster, more accurate way […]

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attendees of ISSW outside due to power outage

ISSW Bend Oregon 2023

We’ve recently come back from the International Snow Science Workshop (ISSW), held in Bend, Oregon, and it proved to be an amazing five-day experience. Our days were brimming with engaging meetings with our peers in the field of snow science, as well as reconnecting with old friends and sharing innovative ideas. However, there was an […]

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Brooks Range on the North Slope of Alaska

SnowEx Arctic Campaign

Micah was accepted to participate in the NASA SnowEx Arctic Campaign in October. His assigned site was the Imnaviat Creek area in Alaska, which also meant staying at the Toolik Research Station. As part of his participation, Micah brought the Lyte probe for testing in the harsh Arctic temperatures, while also engaging in fieldwork aligned […]

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SnowEx Hackweek Presentation

Micah participated in the NASA SnowEx campaign, where he spearheaded the development of a comprehensive database designed to streamline the management of diverse snow data types, ultimately reducing complexity in research endeavors that span datasets. His work led to an invitation to a week-long hackweek at the University of Washington, during which he delivered a […]

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Community Driven Tech

The Approach We have long since been committed to a community driven approach to creating to new safety technology. We think this is paramount. Unfortunately, very few people get the opportunity to see the big picture response to our work the way we do. Our calls for help are always met with an overwhelming response […]

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Professional Development Workshop Presentation

Micah received an invitation to speak at the Sawtooth Avalanche Professional Development Workshop about the development of the Lyte probe. Interacting with the professional community in this manner is always enriching. These occasions often serve as excellent opportunities for fostering future collaborations rather than focusing solely on the presentation itself. During his talk, Micah discussed […]

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Avalanche Level 1

Big thanks to Soldier Mountain Ski Area and 705 Backcountry Ski Patrol for an awesome Avy 1 course this weekend! Definitely a different feel doing this course after daylight savings and in warmer weather. It’s a lot easier to promote conversation when nobody’s toes are frozen, and we’re not quickly losing light!

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Happy New Year!

With the new year in full swing, the RAD crew is working fervently to get the probes ready for users. Despite a fully functional app, Jake and Micah did some old school cable and computer testing yesterday to get a closer look at some raw data. The results are promising!

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Last week we all had a blast at the Boise SnowBall! SnowBall was a party we sponsored that was put on by the Winter Wildlands Alliance to benefit a program called SnowSchool. SnowSchool is a program that takes classes of young kids into the winter environment, and teaches them about the importance of their local […]

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ISSW 2016

Last week Jake and Micah had the pleasure of attending ISSW along with the Colorado Snow and Avalanche Workshop. The purpose of going to this event was two-fold. They wanted to learn more about snow science and the industry in general. They also were there to make some new connections, and help spread the word […]

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