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Lyte Probe

The Lyte probe is a smart ski pole designed to measure the snowpack as fast as it changes.  It measures NIR and force as it is pushed into the snow. It provides high resolution profiles of the snowpack in about 30 seconds. It has been designed to be a useful tool for avalanche avoidance.   Along the way, we have made it a pretty flexible platform so academics can use it too. We have researchers already using it for snow hydrology, remote sensing, and avalanche science. Curious about the data? Checkout what we have been measuring on our page probe at a glance!


Comes with one Lyte probe smart ski pole, a charger, and a great support team!

  • Robust impact resistant penetrometer
  • Measures active and passive NIR
  • Manual insertion with auto depth detection
  • Adjustable length 1.0m – 1.5m
  • Rechargeable long lasting battery
  • Protective sheath/ removable basket
  • Firmware updates for life
  • Auto timestamp data
  • Tons configurable settings including sampling rate
  • Designed to be repaired


Our computer software is open sourced on GitHub so you can easily report bugs, request features, and even submit code. Need help getting setup? We regularly get on the phone to help people through technical issues so you can get back to doing what you do best, snow science!

  • RADICL– Open source command line interface for USB connections