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The Lyte Probe is a smart backcountry ski pole designed for measuring snow. Use it to check your assumptions when traveling in avalanche terrain. Take a profile in less than 45 seconds so you can keep up with changing snow conditions. It syncs through your smart phone so you can manage and view your data. Either on the snow or at the end of the day you can swipe through all your measurements to see any patterns. Its tough enough to be a ski pole and smart enough to track changing conditions. Dig your pit and take a measurement, then take more and compare. Its simple, its easy, and it helps you keep up with the conditions as fast as they change.

Comes with one Lyte probe, a charger, and the app is available free for download.


  • Measures snow hardness
  • Measures NIR (Not viewable through the app)
  • Adjustable length 1.0m – 1.2m
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Protective sheath/ removable basket
  • Full manufacturers warranty
  • Designed to be repaired