Lyte Probe

What is a Lyte Probe?

The Lyte Probe is a smart backcountry ski pole designed to measure avalanche conditions.

Its packed with sensors and packaged in a durable and repairable ski pole allowing you to actually ski with it. The Lyte Probe is designed to help you keep track of conditions as fast as the change. Taking a measurement only takes 45 seconds so can check and compare conditions across more terrain faster than ever.  Since 2013 the Lyte probe has been under intense scrutiny internally and through multiple beta tests. 

How Does It Work?

To use the Lyte probe, simply turn on the probe and connect from your app only once per trip, then each measurement is as easy as:

  1. Remove the basket/Sensor sheath 
  2. Press the button to start a measurement
  3. Insert the probe and press to end a measurement. 

After taking a measurement, the probe will upload the measurement to your smart phone where it is then made view-able. Once you are back in service the app will backup your measurements to the cloud.